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Welcome Prospective New Dancers!

Welcome to square dancing — a casual, non-competitive social activity that helps you stay healthy and connected. This web site helps Rochester area “round and square” dancers keep up to date on dance schedules and news from dance clubs in Western New York. In our area there are numerous active clubs dancing in two overlapping formats. One of these is “western-style” square dancing (THE American Folk Dance) and the other is “cued” ballroom dancing (known as “round dancing” because the dancers progress around a circle). (For video demonstrations, take a look at You2CanDance link.)

What We Do

This type of dancing is a low-key social activity that involves a healthy amount of exercise for body and mind and gets us out among friends on a regular basis. Some clubs dance weekly, while others dance every other week or monthly. Dance fees are modest - generally around $10 per couple - and venues are mostly schools and church fellowship halls. Although this type of dancing is done in couples, there are clubs that are geared for singles and many “couples’ clubs” also accommodate dancers who do not have partners.

Music & Clothing

Square dancing is often associated with country music and western clothing, but special clothing is not required at most dances, and you would be amazed at the variety of musical styles that some of our local callers use - from “Phantom of the Opera” to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and everything in between!


All of our square dance callers and round dance cuers teach classes that can take you from novice to expert. However, it is not necessary to become an expert to enjoy this healthy and universal social activity. New classes generally form in early Fall and there is a good chance that one of them is near you. From “day one” you are dancing, and the more you dance the more familiar and comfortable you become with the various steps.

Getting Started

Clubs offering beginner classes usually start the dance season with a September "Open House" event, to introduce newcomers to square dancing. An open house is a dance party where anybody can participate because no prior knowledge is assumed. These are a great way to get a taste of what square dancing is like without making a commitment. Click HERE to see a list and choose one in your area or at a time when you are available.

Pardon Our Dust

Our web site is still under construction, but we have plans to list class dates and details as well as provide a more complete introduction to this activity that so many of us enjoy.

Browse Our Site

Meanwhile, we invite you to browse our site and get a sense of the dancing community in Western New York. In addition to schedules and listings of clubs and callers, the “Promenader” pages contain “Club News” from each club and “Feature” articles (with photos) about recent dance-related activities in the area. There is also a section with “Flyers” and notices of up-coming dances and events.

Web Links

You can search the web and find a great deal of information about square dancing, much of which is geared toward already-proficient dancers. We suggest you follow the link below for an introduction in words, photos and video to the fun of square dancing and round dancing.

You 2 Can Dance

Most square dancing and round dancing is enjoyed locally, with friends in local clubs, but the same calls and cues are used across the country and around the world. Almost everywhere you go, there are friendly people dancing. You can find them by contacting regional and national square dance organizations.

The following link will take you to the Finger Lakes Area Council of Western Square and Round Dance Clubs, our neighboring regional organization, representing dancers in central New York and northern Pennsylvania:

Finger Lakes Area Council of Western Square and Round Dance Clubs

Come Dance With Us!

All around our area there are dancers who will welcome you to join them. We look forward to meeting you on the dance floor soon!